Enhanced report templates

Aug 20 2017

Paper printouts on races are not dead yet - all events are not with thousands of runners and you still like to provide a professional-looking result book to the organizers.

So here's another round of improvements coming soon, to empower the use of customized report templates.

Among a lot of details fixed, the most important changes are the following:

  • new design for the management form, with a better access to the item list and a dedicated panel for the general properties
  • new ability to define Left and Right margins
  • new item kind - shapes: bringing the ability to draw various rectangles or lines, with access to the background color and some border options
  • items are now resizable with mouse on the preview
  • text items have new properties: auto-size or not, horizontal and vertical alignment, vertical text and font family selection
  • new variables available to include into texts
  • the list of data columns saved with the template is now visible

Giving that in picture. This sample will be available for selection in the next release so you'll be free to use it in a click or to upgrade it with a race logo for example. And you can notice by the way the new PDF button in the ribbon to make your pdf documents in a click.

Image description

How to add a logo to the results printout

Jun 25 2016

Here is a quick video to show you how easy it is to add a logo at the top of the results printout. Note that many logos can be added, either at the top or at the bottom or both. A customized header can also replace the existing one.


Thumbnail printout mode

Jun 25 2016

Introduced not long ago, you've probably seen this new feature in the print preview:

Still under "experiment" to see if runners take it easy - or not - when looking at their results on the paperboard and thus if some further tuning may be interesting, this new way of printing was born with multiple purposes in mind:

  • Modernize the old boring table display - and give you another distinctive mark that everyone can see.
  • Get more runners on a single page, especially when the number of information pieces is not wide. Makes it possible to have some 100 items on the first page with the default header. And the result is more visually appealing than the multi-column mode. You can save paper in situations when for example you have to distribute a participant list with a few basic information.
  • Introduce opportunities for design variations - align, font-size and weight, multi-line data,...


Hoping you'll enjoy it! and why not make it your default printing way for the future.

On the roadmap

The feature is already available with a panel of pre-defined thumbnail templates. Choosing the number of columns and the flow direction (top to bottom or left to right) is also OK.

Next step will be finding out a possible design for triathlons, including the segment rankings. And open a thumbnail designer so that you can customize your own templates. Will be interesting to make it work with custom data of your own.

Gives you more ideas for new displays? Don't hesitate to share them.