New Release 9.5

Dec 13 2023

Version 9.5 has been released on the 12th of October 2023.
Many new features are available in this version.

1| The new wizard

The wizard has been redesigned to be more flexible and clearer.
In addition to the existing predefined race types, you can now choose some timing criteria.

The wizard will keep evolving in the coming month.


2| Anonymous competitors

To comply with regulations, we've added a data for competitors who don't want to have their name disclosed on the results.
This data can be imported in Wiclax.
The data can have two value : 0 - no opposition to publish the competitors name. 1 - the competitors does not allow the publishing of its name on the results.

This data can also be updated in the entry form through a new "mask" icon in the name field.


3| API

The API is a powerful new tool in Wiclax.
In addition to the already existing exporters, it offers everything that is necessary to export data to third-party partners.

All the data of the race can be accessed locally or remotely through a URL.
The data is made available in a JSON format. It is self explicit and ready to use.
The API is likely to be charged additionnaly.


5| Leaderboard and Geotracking

Wiclax was already providing a link with 2 geotracking partners. It was possible to follow the positions of competitors on the map.
We've added a leaderboard so people can see the virtual classification of the race obtained from the geotracking data.
A click on a competitor in the leaderboard will highlight his position on the map.


6| Quick time insertion

We've developed a new window for quick passing insertion.
This window can be called by [SHIFT+F3] so far. It will benefit from a graphic access soon.


7| Scoreboards

Communication with proprietary displays and scoreboards is on its way.
We've added a new module to drive them.
Recently, we have worked with Microgate products. More to come in 2024.


8| Lap race and split time

We've improved the way lap races with split time classification was computed out.
From version 9.5, every passing on a split point will update the classification making live info more consistent.


9| improved display in g-live results

For better visualization, we've split the split point labels in two lines if necessary.
We've also added a hierarchy for split points that are part of a segment (especially for triathlon).
And average speed/pace values are now available for segments.


Many more things are still to come in Wiclax!

Next version will be issued in early June.