Copy-paste data

Juin 10 2017

Let's introduce this useful tip:

You already know how to import participant and result data, through the powerful file import wizard. But did you know you can simply paste some data when working on the grids?

You sometimes have an Excel sheet already open with some participant lists, for example. Want to import them in your Wiclax event? Means opening the file import dialog for participants, and then lookup for the file through the Explorer. Great, but you can do quicker by copying the original list into the clipboard, and then simply pressing the usual Control+V shortcut after you put the focus on the competitors grid. That will show up the filedata import wizard, with the Import from clipboard option checked. And from that point you know how to proceed.

And this way is not only quicker, it's also a necessary helper when you want to import only a selection of what's in the original file.

Last thing to say, it can as well be used to move some participant/result data from a Wiclax event to another, selecting them and playing with the Control+C and Control+V shortcuts.