Race live on outdoor screens

Dec 21 2016

In its previous delivery, Wiclax introduced a new powerful framework to help with live data projection. Whatever your video device looks like, being it a wide led screen with a limited resolution or a big TV screen, you can freely design what you want to get displayed in live. Remember that the solution relies on the G-Live module, so you only need a Web browser somewhere on your local network which will broadcast the screening.

Thanks to this nice architecture in place, we can now go forward with new features.

A screen configuration was already able to include some pictures and some basic animations programmed to be displayed with some transition effects. Of course the text sizes, the background and foreground colors were customizable but you may expect more possibilities. Hence here what’s will come with the next release: the ability to attach your own CSS styles to any element, for example a text label but also rows and cells of a result list.

CSS is the standard language used to style every Web page. It’s not too difficult to learn and of course you’ll find thousands of resources to help you in discovering what it can achieve. Just imagine you can play with gradient backgrounds, borders, rotations, paddings and margins, text shadows, font styling, transparencies and much more.

Better a picture than a thousand words, here’s a sample to illustrate that:

Wiclax race scoring software - live race data on screen

Last but not least, we’ll plan to deliver such samples for your inspiration, as well as some other ready to use configurations. Then we’re waiting for your next wishes!