New cloud data service

May 20 2019

We're excited to introduce our new cloud service, that you can start to use with your user account.

The service is designed as a hub for all your remote RFID readers, at a time where most of them can now connect to the network and send their data.

With 2 main bonuses compared to similar vendor solutions:

  • you can use it the same way with many different systems from various manufacturers - we know for sure that a majority of timers don't rely on a single supplier for equipment
  • it makes the bridge between your devices and Wiclax, for a new real time experience

Already compatible with systems from RFID Timing, uRTime and J-Chip.

Race Result, Macsha and Trident are ongoing but still in Beta test.

Note: the service is right now available for free, but please notice that the conditions might evolve in the future.

How to get started

Navigate to the page

Bind a reader to the account - the instructions to find its ID and to setup the device will be displayed at this step.

Start the reader: you will see it immediately online on the web page. Chip passing will also appear as soon as they get collected.


1 the device name, and a temporary location name if set. Click to edit the device properties

2 the current status when the device is connected: clock, reading state, battery,... (depending on availability)

3 the number of passings for the day, and overall. Date of the last one. Click to display passing data as a list.

In action with Wiclax

To stay in line with our philosophy, the background logic is as simple as possible:

  • you can send the readers in nature without any specific new setting: no split location to update, no history file to clean
  • on the back end, you just care about a reader and the time period during which it stays on a timing location

Create a new acquisition, type Online passings

Enter your Génialp account credentials, and drop down the Split id/File selection box to select your device.

Activate the acquisition, and here you are: chip reads will start to land in real time in your event, and you'll be able to rewind any previously transmitted data.