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Wiclax - licenses and pricing

Wiclax is available through an annual license fee. This license is valid on a single computer (3 for the Pro version), and for a duration of 365 consecutive days starting from its activation date.

The fee amount of an annual license is fixed according to the pack you opt for.

Pack Number of computers Annual license fee
(tax incl.)
Standard 1 25 €
Expert 1 150 €
Pro 3 479 € (Tax excl. 399 €)


250 € (Tax excl. 208 €)
180 € (Tax excl. 149 €)

* A discount is offered if you buy both options

Discount online registrations * -
Total 150 €
* discount offered on the license fee if you're using the online registration service from Genialp for your organizations. Discount granted if you have at least 100 individual registrations validated for the last 365 days period.


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